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    Preschool Kids learn how their own five senses compare to that of a snake! They watch in awe as the beautiful peacock shows off his long fancy tail and beautiful gold and electric blue feathers!

    High School kids enjoy the animals too! High School shows are just as popular and the kids enjoy themselves as they learn about how we can impact animals and their environment, as well as interesting natural history facts and animal behaviors.

    Birthday Parties inside or outside! Rain or shine! Let Erin entertain the kids for an hour or more with laughter and interesting animal facts!

    Summer Camps...sometimes a reaction shot is all you need! These Chicago YMCA kids are amazed to see a millipede and other creepy crawlies for the first time.

    Girl Scouts discover reptiles like this large boa constrictor with Erin and Nature's Creatures after a day of learning at Bevlab Veterinary Hospital.(left) Bevlab manager Helen Flores explained about heartworm disease in dogs and cats showing the girls an infected heart specimen.(right) The day started with a tour of the veterinary hospital to see where and how patients are cared for. Next, the girls got to see live dog training demonstrations and watch the doctors perform surgery. The day wrapped up with a live animal show by Erin & Nature's Creatures. What an animal day!

    Birthday parties and sleepovers are always more fun with crazy creatures! The girls at this slumber party learn that tarantulas are not to be feared and actually are gentle, soft creatures. They also take turns holding Fletcher, the talking baby parrot. Small parties are a great opportunity to spend more time with every creature up close.

    School studies are always complemented when the creatures are seen up close and in real life. Having Nature's Creatures featured at your school or in your classroom is a great way for kids to see and interact with the animals they have studied about. After lectures about the animals, their diets, habitats and biology, these excited Montessori kids take some time to hold and touch some snakes. This group particularly liked the boa constrictor and burmese python.

    After School Programs

    Brain Games, Inc. is an afterschool program with a unique approach to hands on learning. Nature's Creatures has had many interactive shows there to date, and Erin returns there for regular visits with the kids. Here the kids display the size of one of the large pythons and pose with the baby alligator. Erin also taught a science experiment class with kids in July 2002. The kids grew plants, worked with live animals, made soap, as well as conducting a multitude of experiments!

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