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Classroom Pet Leasing

Classroom Pet Leasing is a program designed by Erin and a group of K-8 certified teachers. This program compliments the learning curriculum and learning standards for each grade level.

For a reasonable fee, the classroom would recieve a new creature every month to learn about and study!

This program includes a twenty minute introduction of animal care and general history as well as worksheets and guidelines for the class to follow. The class is then responsible for caring for the creature while they research information about it during the month.

Each month, they receive a new creature and new information so they are continually exposed to new types of creatures and environmental requirements.

Call Erin for more information & costs.

Animal Adoption

Many of the animals in the Nature's Creatures Animal Show were abandoned by their previous owners, rescued from unsuitable homes, or donated to the show.

Erin tries her best to work with, tame and rehabilitate these animals. Relocation in more suitable homes and the education of new owners is essential to stopping the careless cycle of abandonment. There is always a need for good homes. Unfortunately, we can not always provide the materials or supplies that the animal will require. This is the responsibility of the new owner. Adopted animals are provided with care sheets, veterinary contacts and follow-up care. Current animals that need a home are:

    As of Fall 2007:

  • Its baby bunny season folks! Adopting a baby bunny can be a great chance for kids to learn about responsibility. However, we caution people before adopting to consider that bunnies are VERY messy. They need cage cleanings almost every day. They also need lots of exersize, and need to be taken for walks/playtime a few times a week if not every day. Bunnies are a larger commitment than you might think so make sure that you think hard about it first!

    As of October 1, 07, there are baby bunnies at the Childrens Farm in Palos that are still needing a home!

  • We also have a pair of Sulcata Tortoises that need a home. (We would prefer to adopt them together as the pair.) These tortoises are to a good home only, and there is a required adoption fee. Exact age is unknown, and they arrived with slight shell injuries, however they are happy, healthy and heavy! Both male and female are about basketball size. Serious calls only please.

    Animal Donation

    If you have an animal that you cannot care for anymore or needs a home, you can consider donating him/her to the show! We try our best to assist you in any way that we can. Donation of cage/food/supplies will always help but is not required.

    Call Erin to see if your pet might have a chance to be part of the learning experience!

    Sorry folks, but we do not accept dogs and cats, however if you send us a picture and a write up we can post your animal on this website!

    Contact Erin at