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Pet Care Sheets

As you can see below animal care can quickly get out of control!

Erin's advice for now is:

  • Read up on any potential pet before you get it. Some animals make good pets. Some do not.

  • Make sure that you know of a local veterinarian that will treat your pet.

  • Make sure that you find a place to get the food that your pet will need, and that its diet is readily available.

  • Make sure that you have a home properly set up with everything that your pet needs before you bring it into your home.

  • Find out how long your pet will live, because you may be in for a bigger commitment than you think. For example, Iguanas (shown below) can reach up to 6 feet in just a few years and live up to 20 years! Cute parrots or turtles might live well past 60 years!

  • **Be a responsible part of the pet trade!** Don't just but any animal! Do your best to make a positive impact on the import of pet animals captured from the wild! Please Choose Captive Bred Specimens! to ensure that our wild populations STAY where they are supposed to be-- In the wild!

    Although the Pet Care Sheets are not ready yet, you can contact Erin @ Natures Creatures anytime for questions or advice on a pet.

  • Many good Animal Care Sheets can be found on the "Kingsnake" website found on the LINKS page.

    Contact Erin at NaturesCreatures@hotmail.com